New Ben-Hur 2016 Intense Chariot Race Movie Clip Released

  • New Ben-Hur 2016 Intense Chariot Race Movie Clip Released

New Ben-Hur 2016 Intense Chariot Race Movie Clip Released

Its one of my first memories of witnessing cinema. Right: Jack Huston takes on the role of Heston in the modern remake of the classic Hollywood film. Ben-Hur is a prince of Judea in 30 A.D. He has an adopted Roman brother, which is silly, but OK. It is based on a novel by Lew Wallace a Union General in the Civil War who fought at the battle of Shiloh.

Wyler's magnum opus was universally lauded, earning a record 11 Academy Award wins, including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. The very Martin Scorsese-lite film by Todd Phillips is like the bastard child of "Wolf of Wall Street" and "The Big Short".

What to do: The comparisons to the 1959 film of the same name are inevitable. That came naturally [through] me and Timur talking. However, Ben-Hur is a horse of a different color. Judah's victory in the race would have been an apt way to end the film. Truth be told, the 1959 version is quite long. It felt very much their own thing. His great-grandfather Walter Huston, grandfather John and aunt Anjelica all won Oscars. He found playing Judah taxing and, at times, frightening. If you made a mistake and you're genuinely sorry, you hopefully can find it in yourself to say, 'I made a mistake, I'm really genuinely sorry about my bad mistake.' Otherwise, you'll never be able to accept.forgiveness.

Bekmambetov said, "The trick was to portray it as a scary movie scene, rather than an action scene". Why there is a distinct sense of camaraderie and affection between Judah and Messala?

"It was rough to be so repulsive [but] I don't think it's important to always be liked especially in the journey of this magnitude", he continued. Morgan Freeman in a supporting character as Sheikh Ilderim adds a new dimension to the role and is intriguing. Huston said of Freeman, "He's a consummate professional and brought so much to the production". The rest plays out as expected, including a heavily digitized and tightly shot remake of the acclaimed ten-minute chariot race and Judah's eventual encounter with Jesus on his trek to Golgotha-kudos for giving the man from Nazareth a face and voice (Rodrigo Santoro) throughout the film. That's where Bekmambetov shows a surprising amount of restraint, sprinkling in those religious aspects while also realizing that this is a sweeping swords-and-sandals action-drama.

The film is also offensive in so many ways. "We had all those horses and tons of metal [chariots] flying around the track". Because this novel and other films had an appeal to Christian audiences, and this is an attempt to do that. "We loved the rephrasing of the story as one of forgiveness and reconciliation instead of the previous incarnations which were revenge-driven". Thanks in part to a couple of GoPros, we get to see the real intensity that comes to the risky races that were held during the Roman Empire.