Did Conor McGregor Hint That His Next Fight Is With Floyd Mayweather?

  • Did Conor McGregor Hint That His Next Fight Is With Floyd Mayweather?

Did Conor McGregor Hint That His Next Fight Is With Floyd Mayweather?

This loss caused McGregor to train much harder, which he made evident by his tactical approach to the fight with Diaz.

"All I know is that it's 1-1", McGregor said.

Following the fight, McGregor made the statement that a third fight is now necessary to find out who the better fighter truly is.

With the victory, McGregor improved to 20-3 all-time in MMA events. You see me chasing him around, pointing at him, saying 'Where you're going?'

Referring to the shots that Diaz seemingly absorbed without feeling much pain in the later rounds, with the American looking unruffled as he tried to take the fight to the floor, McGregor added: "He took them better than I expected. He won two judge's verdict 48-47 while the third scored it a tie at 47-47.

There are UFC rumors that a trilogy between McGregor and Nate Diaz will happen in the future.

Dana White has said that Conor McGregor needs to defend the 145 title or vacate it, and repeated that following UFC 202, but the latter isn't buying it... I knew I was up against it. It's worth noting that the $3 million figure does not include the pay-per-view percentages, sponsorship money and other earnings McGregor generated for the fight. But if not, the reigning lightweight champ will be ready and willing to take on McGregor at 155 pounds.

"I went up to 170lb, I fought the bigger man". McGregor and Diaz both alluded to it, and McGregor didn't mention defending his featherweight title nor did he mention Floyd Mayweather Jr or anything like that.

Diaz, who fights out of Stockton, California, survived the early knockdowns and came back in the third round by out landing the featherweight champion and walking through his punches and kicks. "To make this fight fair for both sides, we will be having a Rock-Paper-Scissors match", White said. He was 25-30 pounds heavier than me.

"I'm going to go back down in weight. The interim champion - is a man that I KO'd in 13 seconds". "I'm one of the greatest fighters of all time!"

McGregor dropped Diaz to the canvas three times in the opening two rounds but did not pounce on his grounded opponent.