Airbnb in Trump Tower

Right now it seems very hard to imagine that only a week ago it was possible to come to New York and rent one of the Trump Tower rooms.

And we are talking right now about the new president of the USA Donald Trump’ former residence. By the way, he still visits his building from time to time.

The night in the Tower had a strangely modern price in 300-450 dollars for one night with 150 dollars for the cleaning. Since the September 2016 the room there was available for travelers.

It was listed on the Airbnb as the luxury accommodation, without any other references. There was no information about the Trump Tower. Still, there was a note that accommodation is situated in the safest and possibly the most unique place.

There was a warning that security will check potential client with a special screening at the entry. One of the numerous guests who lived in Trump Tower said that there was a noise from protesters outside the windows who shouted on Trump.

However, the angry shouts and extra security did not ruin the positive impression from the apartment. Many of Tower’s guests in their reviews at the Airbnb said that the atmosphere was light and very cozy. They have shared the photos from the apartment with a wooden table in the center, big windows, perfect kitchen, and many exercise equipment for the healthy-life fans.

The owner of the apartment has canceled all the reservations when journalists found out about it.