America ignores OPEC

The production of American shale plots is increasing ruining all OPEC plans.

Producers of the oil in the USA perhaps have developed a very ambitious plan for the growth of their productivity outside the Texas Permian Basin.

If the gossips are true, that can easily destroy all the plans of OPEC to cut the oil supplies around the world to save high prices for oil.

It can also lead to the changes in the world order of oil suppliers.

The new president of the USA did not share his own views on the war between OPEC members and American own shale companies. However, many analysts predict that his main position will be with the native business protection. After few years of war at the prices between OPEC and American firms, the last one has finally seen the possibility in the OPEC agreement to cut the supplies. The USA companies are growing their production in almost all regions of shale oil, including Oklahoma, North Dakota, etc.

The jump of oil output during the last half of the year in the Permian area has been seen very clear by a global community.

During this week conference of the oil companies in Houston, Texas, many of them have shared the plans to double production in the next few years.

Their projects include an intense export of their crude oil to the other countries. They believe that they will double the number of their customers in the ten years from now.

OPEC is frustrated by this decision.