American market suffer from new losses

During the first day of the week, Wall Street indexes went down by the 0.37 percent, pushed back by the growing concerns of investors about new President economic ignorance.

The scandal about wiretapping in the White House, in which Trump has accused the ex-president Barack Obama, made a lot of economists believe the fiscal stimulus, new tax system, support of the national business, that were promised to Americans earlier, during the presidential campaign, are nothing more but a fake.

While Asian stocks managed to rise after the unstable position yesterday, and brought new gain, analysts believe that it is connected with the Trump’s policy and their inner tech progress.

According to the analyst from Sydney, James Woods, Asian shares jump up after the positive reports for the last months about industrial and technical progress. Investors are trying to use these opportunities and to make reliable investments in Asia.

Obamacare program was under the question this Monday, ending insurance mandates era, and return to the healthcare poor funding.

Democrats claim that this is a huge mistake that will force American people to pay more for their health. They believe that the only one who will win will be insurers.

Trump’s accusations of his predecessor without any facts that can prove it brought doubts to economists that they will see promised changes in the economy. This thought was concerning a month ago, and now it has started to push positive indexes back. The expectations of the new interest rates hike hold dollar strong.