Asian stocks went up

While oil prices are down with the new concerns about the USA glut in supplies, Asian indexes show a slight increase, during the morning trades.

After yesterday’s silence at the global markets, today was more successful for Asian stocks.

American markets still feel decrease, while analysts afraid of the Trump’s inability to focus on the needs of the national economy, instead of numerous scandals about his person.

Prices for crude oil went down due to the new speculation that American productivity will leave aside all the agreements made by OPEC.

MSCI Asian-Pacific index outside Japan during the early trades this Tuesday gained 0.6 percent, after making few steps back at the opening of the market.

As for the Japanese Nikkei, it went down and lost 0.2 percent.

Meanwhile, Australian shares jumped to the new level, increased by 0.3 percent. The opening was flat. However, after the speculations about unchanged interest rate by the central bank, indexes began to grow up. Australian central bank has left the rate at the 1.5 percent, unchanged, as it was expected by investors.

After the official announcement from the bank authorities, its national currency – Australian dollar has grown up by 0.5 percent. It was equal to the 0.762 American dollars.

One of the most vulnerable markets is the New York department. The indexes went down, and on Monday it lost 0.37 percent in general. Tuesday started with the same decreasing position at the Wall Street.

Investors afraid to risk their money, tired of Trump’s silence.