Brand of Ivanka received booming sales

The new President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump can stop feeling hurt by her brand’s boycott. As it is said – the negative ad is also an ad.

Even though many popular sellers including Nordstrom has rejected Ivanka’s brand, her sales continue to grow.

Her company did not hurry up to show the official figures but asks us to trust that the business is booming since February.

The boycott continues to spread across the USA. However, according to the president of Ivanka Trump fashion collection, Abigail Klem, there were few weeks in February that simply became one of the best in the history of this brand.

She has confirmed to the press that Ivanka’s production jumped to the top of online sales and many retailers have shared their reports with this brand, calling it the best performance.

After the last events, analysts are staying skeptical about this “booming business” as there was no actual report with figures. All we can do is take or don’t take Klem’s words to the faith.

Well, we must also admit that Grab Your Wallet, a famous anti-Trump’s campaign had spread successfully in the country. Merchandise with the name of Trump on it was boycotted by many sellers. His daughter collection of fashion accessories and clothing came under the fire.

One of American research companies has found out that Ivanka’s sales are falling down, noticing 26 percent decline during January.

The data from Klem is surprising, but not impossible anyway. Trump supporters may be encouraged by the boycott to buy more stuff from this brand.