Dollar is steady and waiting for Fed

Analysts believe that right now only the hawkish changes of interest rates can push dollar higher. They believe that it is already a fact that Fed, during his next meeting on 14-15 of March will change the interest rates.

Almost 85 percent of traders think that the change in the rates will be slight, and there will be 3-4 hiked during the year. Fed does not give more clues, while many of economists consider last Friday’s Janet Yellen speech as the official statement for the new rates.

Australian dollar rose up by the 0.5 percent and costs 0.762 American dollars. It received an increase after the national bank has announced that they will not change their own interest rate.

Euro went higher by 0.1 percent and is equal to the 1.0589 dollars this morning. Yesterday, euro lost almost 0.4 percent as the ex-Prime Minister of France, Alain Juppe has left the presidential elections race in the country.

German national bank also has suffered 7.9 percent losses this Monday. The declined were stopped by the new successful deals between euro companies.

Index of dollar was the same today, and stood 101.61 against the basket of main world currencies. Yesterday it gained 0.1 percent.

It was also equal to the 113.915 Japanese yen today, partly recovering from the 0.15 percent of loss.

Financial analysts believe that dollar high rally can be supported by the President’s possible decisions to provide fiscal stimulus, cut taxes and support business.