Dollar rose with the hike expectations

Later today European Central Bank will have an official meeting, and euro may receive another burden. Representatives of the Bank prefer to continue its policy of super easiness.

It is unlikely that during today’s meeting they will consider to tighten up their policy towards the euro. Perhaps, we can expect more changes at the end of the year or at the beginning of the next year. Global analysts believe that there will be no more changes till that time.

Today the single money stayed on 1.0530 dollars at the Asian market during the early trades, and it is 1.0640 dollars well of the top that was reached earlier at the beginning of the week.

Index of the dollar went up by 0.1 percent today and stood at the 102.210 coming closer to the March the Second highest peak in 102.26.

As for the other currencies, American dollar jumped up against the Japanese yen, standing at the 114.50 yen. Earlier, it went even higher, with the price of 114.75 yen. The new numbers made Japanese Nikkei index richer by 0.3 percent in the market trades.

A stronger dollar and swinging oil prices made the new pressure to other commodities. They lost the weekly gain in the new wave of decrease.

Global analysts expect that the new data from the payrolls will force the Fed to go bolder and make a hawkish move with the interest rates number. However, it is unlikely that the new hike will go above 0.25 percent.