Strong job data sent stocks on the run

The official report that came from the job market almost a day ago has made the upcoming interest rate hike an obvious fact.

The bond yields impale right after this data from the USA. It also made the dollar stronger on the financial market in Asia. Oil prices are still trying to find the anchor after the speculations about American stockpiles.

Energy shares went on the run, bringing new losses to the MSCI Asian-Pacific broadest index outside Japan. During the early trades this Thursday, MSCI index went down by 0.9 percent.

Meanwhile, Australian index has lost 0.4 percent, recovering from the Reserve Bank meeting which decision to keep the same interest rate pushed it higher for a short time. Commodities sector has lost 2 percent in one day.

According to the spread betters, European markets will be opened with the losses as well. S&P 500 E-mini futures went down by 0.03 percent.

Japanese yen came softer today, and it pushed Nikkei up with the 0.3 percent gains.

While prices on Chinese food are falling down, the consumer inflation, according to the recent economic report, goes under the analysts’ expectations of the 0.8 percent annually.

The prices for the commodities in China are rising as fast as it was in the 2008 year, giving new hopes to the investors that China will be the country that will stop disinflation of the world export.

The Chinese market is on its fastest pace leaving prices on oil dipped by 5 percent, the lowest number since the speculations about American oil inventories.