The whole island receives power from Tesla

Hawaiian Island Kauai receives its illumination after dark from Tesla. Probably, it did not hear the doubts of Wall Street investors whether Tesla plans are too ambitious, and it will be able to provide enough electricity. Apparently, it is enough for Kauai.

Power packs from Tesla have already proved their reliability at least in one State.

Cooperative of Kauai Island on Hawaii receives its light at the night from 272 industrial power packs. During the day time, this Island relies on the solar power. At night they are supported by Tesla. During a long time, the main policy of Kauai is to use renewable energy and help the Earth.

With Tesla’s help, this island will be able to save 1.6 million fuel gallons in a year which usually they have used after dark.

According to Tesla representatives, this change will also help to save Island money. People will spend 13.9 cents for the kilowatt of energy instead of 15.50 cents before. The new price is fixed for the 20 next years.

People from Kauai believe that Tesla is the best option for them to cut the expenses on the diesel fuel.

However, analysts from Wall Street do not hurry with the conclusions about Tesla’s new idea. They believe that one island is not enough to talk globally about battery packs.

They believe that future of these packs unclear, like all the renewable energy companies.

Analyst Adam Jonas says that this business did not bring Tesla new value on the market.