Uber can’t see the way out

This week has started for Uber company with a huge scandal. Travis Kalanick, their CEO was being really rude to Uber driver. And it ended with another scandal when the secret program Greyball came up on the surface.

Yep, you would probably say that it is the end of the company. Two gigantic problems may be drowned some other company for sure, ruining their reputation forever. Well, for Uber it is nothing more but usual routine for the last month.

It managed to involve itself in a new scandal almost every week or even twice a week in February. There were accusations in the misogynistic and toxic work environment in Uber, stolen self-driving technologies, the problem with engines, etc.

It would be a lie to tell that Uber had a perfect reputation before. It made people angry only by its existence. Six years of its life it was attacked day after day. And it first Uber company did not pay too much attention to all these accusations. They had their goal to change traditional industry of taxi driving around the globe, and they have found their own way to do this.

After these years, the hole beneath them was becoming deeper and deeper. According to the Uber investor, Freada Klein Kapor, the company has only one to climb out of this hole, to ask for the help, and admit all their problems. Freada thinks that only the truth can help Uber to keep its investors.