Wall Street is shaking from the new report

The official report from the work department has shown positive numbers that made the future hike almost a done deal. Meanwhile, energy shares have lost 2.5 percent during the early trades. It is the weakest position of energy sector since the last September.

Thursday brought a slight recovery to the oil market, with WTI up to the 30 cents, and standing on 50.58 dollars per barrel. Brent has jumped up as well, and gained 43 cents, to the 53.54 dollars per one barrel.

Dow Jones industrial index has lost 0.33 percent during Thursday morning. S&P 500 index dipped down by 0.23 percent. Meanwhile, Nasdaq gained 0.06 percent.

The real estate’s shares that are too sensitive to the new interest rate hike, received a hit after the positive report from employment area. The payrolls have run high with the 298 000 for the last month. The number is much higher than it was expected before.

The positive information from the job sector made dollar jump forward at the Asian market, forcing MSCI lost its gain, and Nikkei to add 0.3 percent, weakening their national currency yen.

Chinese consumers data that was revealed at the beginning of the week gave more hopes to the investors, and they turned their attention to the Asian-Pacific area, searching for the stability in their policy.

Fed’s decision to change the interest rates did not touch the European markets so much. Still, the indexes went down there suffering from the inner problems inside the countries.