Will dollar come closer to the new record?

While this Tuesday it partly recovered from last week losses and steadied towards the main currencies basket after yesterday slight gain, it still did not reach its highs of the last December.

Two weeks of uncertainty and interest rate hike expectations pushed it down against the yen for a while, and right now, after traders give 90 percent chance of the new hike, there are new hopes to the rise of the dollar.

The highest numbers among ten main world currencies showed Australian dollar which received the lift after Reserve Bank meeting, and a pound of sterling.

The Australian bank has decided to keep the same interest rate for a while, and it straightened its dollar.

Euro went slightly higher, recovering from the French unexpected news about the former Prime Minister and its inability to take part in a presidential race.

The American dollar was down to the 1.05 bucks to euro and 112 to Japanese yen.

Meanwhile, analysts believe that the increase of euro is only a temporary move, and it will not rise higher in the nearest future.

Index of the dollar went 0.1 percent up, to the 101.70. It also gained 0.2 percent towards sterling, reaching the 1.2211 bucks for the pound of sterling.

American new president and his representatives feel the dissatisfaction with the strength of the national currency. His plans for the new taxation system and help to the economy lead to a stronger dollar in January and last December.