Indiana schools lose bid to enroll more voucher students

  • Indiana schools lose bid to enroll more voucher students

Indiana schools lose bid to enroll more voucher students

I'm also proud to stand with the Campaign for Student Success in urging legislators to solve the McCleary education funding issue this session by not only putting more money into the public education system, but also bringing about student-oriented policies that direct money, resources and supports to students.

Among its other options, the board, which met Wednesday at the University of Evansville, could have shut the school down or sought another authorizing agency. Phase one of the plan in the area of academics includes the two new EHS courses announced during the last school board meeting.

This will be the fourth consecutive year the tax cap growth factor will be less than 2 percent.

That would match the minimum or so-called "living" wage already provided to city and county workers.

Some of the big topics talked about included keeping Hamilton County Schools together, student achievement, and money. As of December 1, 2016, there were approximately 7,440 students in the school system that were eligible for special education services, making up roughly 13 percent of the total student population.

The board added a number of positions into the proposed budget Tuesday and Thursday, including several items removed from the draft budget by the administration prior to it appearing before the school board.

Charter school advocates long have complained about a gap in public funding between charter and traditional schools.

In the past, holes in the budget were closed by loans from the state Department of Education (DOE), which kept Lakewood's schools floating while making for a larger debt each year. "You don't defer needs, you defer luxuries". Once again, it is not leaking, so it seems they are spending for the sake of spending rather than need.

"I'm listening to the taxpayers", Forte-Brown said. "Board members are the watchdog for their communities, ensuring that students get the best education for the tax dollars spent".

"I would love to find a way to not have to do that", Unruhe said. After considerable debate, the board opted to cut $65,000 in funds from the 2017-18 school budget which may very well mean that the facility will close in June.

School board members Dr. John Craig, who was elected to the board in 2014, and Jon Williams, who has been a board member since 2007, are both running for another term.

Beyer said state cuts to education are becoming more hard to absorb.

"You know that we do quality programming", she said the board. We hope as many district residents as possible take advantage of the opportunity. That is a 72-year payback for the school to build storage.

The board has still not made the final decision to borrow the money, and there will be a public hearing on the proposal.

To view the budget on the school district website, go here.

Commissioner James Hill said earlier this week that he would support a tax increase to support schools. I don't think they cut the budget, looking at any specific program to cut. The district has a little over 3,600 students enrolled.

Faced with a budget reduction of about $1 million, the school board trimmed four contracts and bought a badly needed reliable bus, and they approved roof repairs at two schools, after the scope of the repairs was trimmed somewhat. Some positions have been moved around and some positions, 1-2 positions were left unfilled, and after careful evaluation, some have not been refilled after they were vacated. This year, at least a five-cent increase was required, but the district is opting for 10 cents because it is currently.26 cents below the reimbursement rate.

Myers and Udin, who are competing to represent a district with many more African-American students than District Five, focused much of their discussion on how to improve public schools in the city on racial issues. The board voted down Allan's recommendation on April 24.