Sen. Thune Begins Work On Health Care Bill

"The pre-existing reform is not repealed by this legislation". First, a state would have to seek a waiver from the Obamacare's regulation on pre-existing conditions.

"No, no, no", Reed told the parent.

States may also set up high-risk insurance pools, which are policies created to help people with pre-existing conditions and pay for those who find it hard to get health insurance with federal aid.

However, the GOP bill also has an enormous loophole in that regard.

Not only is Manchin concerned about the cost, but about the millions of people in jeopardy of losing their health care coverage.

It already allows insurers to charge older customers, who are more likely to have health problems, as much as three times more than younger ones, who are less likely to have them.

From the start of this health care debate, our lawmakers have promised not to discriminate against pre-existing conditions.

Some of the bill's critics have claimed it would make sexual assault and domestic violence pre-existing conditions. Some have criticized that measure's cuts in the Medicaid program for poor and disabled people, the federal subsidies that would leave many consumers with higher out-of-pocket costs and the estimated 24 million people who'd lose coverage.

"The American people deserve better than what they received under Obamacare and the American Health Care Act delivers on our commitment to rebuild our health insurance markets and provide relief to the American people", Walden added. The ACA's individual mandate (which is essentially eliminated under the AHCA) was meant to offset the insurance market effects of the pre-existing condition ban, by forcing healthy individuals to purchase insurance. "If you're on Medicaid, nothing's going to change", he told the audience in Marshalltown, which broke into a chorus of loud objections. "The second attempt wins the support of 21 percent of voters". We also urge you to discourage the ongoing effort by the Administration to de-stabilize the health care marketplace, which could lead to rising insurance premiums for all and make it harder for families to access health care.

Quinnipiac University is out with polling showing the health care bill and the president's approach to the issue underwater. And the health plan could impose annual or lifetime limits on insurance benefits. A Kaiser analysis found that 27 percent of all Americans under the age of 65 have pre-existing medical conditions.

Essential Health Benefit Requirement for Insured Plans: Under the ACA, individual and small group employer insured plans must provide coverage for a package of ten "essential health benefits".

However, some people typically enter and leave Medicaid coverage due to temporary employment, making the change in the bill potentially harmful to people who change jobs frequently. Her state is among the 31 that has accepted additional money to expand Medicaid under Obama's law.