Trump said firing Flynn 'did not sound like an emergency'

  • Trump said firing Flynn 'did not sound like an emergency'

Trump said firing Flynn 'did not sound like an emergency'

The White House on Tuesday fires FBI Director Jim Comey and says it's because of how he treated the Hillary Clinton email investigation - though there can't possibly be a person alive who doesn't at least question (if not believe) that the firing was over Comey's treatment of the Trump/Russia investigation.

"If it turns out for example that the presidency had nothing to do with any of that, if it turns out that it was entirely irrelevant and he is firing Comey for political reasons it pretty much dies on the vine", said Andrew Hall, a lawyer who represented John Ehrlichman, assistant to the President for domestic affairs during the Nixon administration who was caught up in Watergate.

In an interview with NBC News Thursday, Trump said he asked FBI Director James Comey point-blank if he was under investigation and was assured three times he was not. "I was not his fan, but I'll tell you what: What he did, he brought back his reputation".

In the termination letter to Comey, Trump thanked him for telling the president "three times" that he personally is not under investigation for collusion with Russian Federation during his 2016 campaign.

The Department of Justice denies that Comey asked Rosenstein for more resources.

Former national intelligence director James Clapper says ousted FBI Director Jim Comey was uneasy about having dinner with President Donald Trump on January 27.

The only way to find out what really happened, wrote Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) in a Wednesday op-ed, is to appoint an "independent prosecutor, or 'special counsel, ' of unimpeachable integrity".

"I was scanned, patted down, and then sniffed by canines", he said.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted the information she and her colleagues offered was consistent.

Democrats, though, and even some Republicans are openly skeptical of the notion that Trump made a decision to fire Comey because of how he'd treated Clinton.

He said former acting Attorney General Sally Yates also left him with the impression that it wasn't necessary to fire Flynn immediately, after he reportedly misled Vice President Mike Pence on his interactions with Russian representatives.

Roughly 500 people gathered midday outside the White House, demanding the appointment of a special prosecutor to lead "a full, bi-partisan, independent investigation to look into Russia's known hacking of the 2016 USA election to benefit Donald Trump, as well as into Donald Trump and his associates' potential collusion with Russian Federation", according to Jo Comerford of, one of the organizing groups. That metaphor may prove too literally true: An odd confluence of deaths has hit the Russian diplomatic corps in the months since the election, including a senior diplomat in NY who died mysteriously inside the consulate on Election Day.

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the announcement after meeting with Trump in Washington Wednesday, according to Tass.

"There is not a single fact, there is no compelling evidence given to anyone regarding Russia's intervention and that is it", Lavrov said.

Veteran diplomats questioned why Trump agreed to host the diplomats - a rare honour for non-heads of state, much less for those at the centre of major U.S. political scandal.

The White House posted photos online of the meeting a full day later, but they did not include any images of Mr Lavrov. "Pavlo Klimkin thanked for unwavering position of the U.S. Administration in support of Ukraine's territorial integrity and in countering Russian aggression", the diplomatic mission said.

While many critics have questioned why Trump would meet with a Russian official amid an ongoing investigation into whether or not Russia interfered with the 2016 election, Acosta's source at the White House defended the president.

For months, Trump dismissed the conclusion of the US intelligence community that Russian Federation was ultimately responsible for hacking into computer systems and email accounts associated with the Democratic Party, then leaking information that was damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

In the immediate aftermath of Comey's firing, the GOP remained united behind Trump, with only a few Republicans expressing mild criticism of the timing of his move.

"The president's meeting with Lavrov today".

"I am angry. I am angry, and a lot of other people are angry too about how incompetently out country is being run". "You're dealing with a man who represents a government that is brutal, that tried to undermine our elections and, be careful, these are not teddy bears you're dealing with".

"They didn't expect this to blow up on them in the way that it had", Jon Finer, the former chief of staff to Secretary of State John Kerry, says of the Russians. (The White House had repeatedly insisted the Russian Federation investigation had nothing to do with Trump's decision.) As a cherry on top of the day, Trump gets into a Twitter fight with comedian - and longtime nemesis - Rosie O'Donnell. Ambassadors often accompany visiting dignitaries to the White House.

William Evanina, Office of Director of National Intelligence: Evanina is now the head of the Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive, which is the DNI's counterintelligence agency. Reporters overheard the two of them bickering over USA policy in Iraq. It also means he has been briefed on the FBI counterintelligence investigation. He wanted to stay on as the Federal Bureau of Investigation head. "You got it wrong", he scolded, pointing to the faulty translation as cameras flashed.

Paul Abbate, FBI Executive Assistant Director for the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch: Abbate has overseen all FBI criminal and cyber investigations and global operations since January.