Eurovision: Pop, beats and a dancing ape - but no Russia

  • Eurovision: Pop, beats and a dancing ape - but no Russia

Eurovision: Pop, beats and a dancing ape - but no Russia

"For a week leading up to the big night, Harrogate was awash with music people, journalists and broadcasting executives, who sloshed their way from one drinks reception to another - the biggest at Castle Howard, location for the recently-screened (on ITV) Brideshead Revisited and the ancestral home of the BBC's then-chairman, Lord Howard".

Dutch singers O3GNE made it through to the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest.

West says the truth is simpler: Recent British entries just haven't been very good.

Who is hosting the show?

Two further images showed the brunette - who will be belting out Never Give Up On You in order to bag the Eurovision crown - lying down on a bed with crisp white sheets and black pillows.

Think about the staging. After an abysmal run in the Eurovision in recent years - not helped by their penchant for sending washed-up former stars like Blue, Engelbert Humperdinck and Bonnie Tyler - the United Kingdom might just break their rut of finishing in the bottom five with this soaring ditty, sung by a former X Factor contestant and written by former Eurovision victor Emmelie De Forest.

But it is a move he hasn't lived to regret, with the knowledge landing him a writing gig for a Eurovision fan site and eventually seeing him intern at Eesti Laul, the competition at which Estonians vie to represent their country on the global stage.

It's widely believed that language plays a part in helping a song move up the scoreboard.

The 26-year-old is from Pentyrch, a village in Cardiff. Participants will include performers from Belarus, Macedonia, and Serbia. Check out what you need to know about language benefits here.

There was disappointment on social media that the Montenegro entry (above) did not make it.

An apt song title if ever there was. So does that rule Poland out of the running? "It's public vote and it's jury and we have no idea how it's going to go". But because the juries - groups of five music industry professionals who also vote on the top 10 songs - marked Russian Federation well down, putting them fifth in their voting, Lazarev slipped to third overall.

The United Kingdom have a flawless place in the running order, singing 18.

This year marks its 62 year and will be hosted by last year's winning country, Ukraine, in Kiev.

Portugal's Salvador Sobral is second favourite.

By the time the curtain falls on the 2017 contest, 1,479 songs will have been performed in total, according to Eurovision. A goose-bump giving rendition can fire you up the scoreboard. The EBU is the body that produces Eurovision every year, and to gain entry into Eurovision every year, a country must be a member.

All finalists for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 have been revealed. A catchy number, a haunting ballad or something completely different can work.

Bookmaker favorite Francesco Gabbani of Italy splits the difference. Only one can win (thanks to the 1969 four-way tie).

And Bulgaria's Kristian Kostov is third favourite to deliver a performance worthy of Europe's douze points.