Trump invites new South Korean leader to US

  • Trump invites new South Korean leader to US

Trump invites new South Korean leader to US

In a speech at the National Assembly hours after being declared the victor of Tuesday's election, Moon pledged to work for peace on the Korean Peninsula amid growing worry over the North's expanding nuclear weapons and missiles program.

"Just spoke with my friend President Moon Jae-in".

"They agreed it would be important for the worldwide community to continue to pursue a robust response to North Korean violations of UN Security Council resolutions and other global obligations".

Then, North Korea did not have a proven nuclear weapons program.

North Korea further said that a South Korean agent named Jo Ki Chol and a "secret agent" named Xu Guanghai, director general of the Qingdao NAZCA Trade Co Ltd, met Kim in Dandong, on North Korea's border with China, to give him communications equipment and cash.

It may welcome a controlled boost in economic ties - or even a bilateral summit in its capital under the right conditions, an idea Moon has already floated - but its primary worry is likely to remain national security. In recent months the Trump administration has suggested a military option is on the table, escalating fears of conflict - although the USA president changed tone last week, saying he would be "honoured" to meet the North's young ruler, Kim Jong-Un.

Considering the longstanding unwillingness of both Washington and Pyongyang to back down, Lee suggested that "a good starting point" for the two sides would be to agree to stop both the nuclear tests and military exercises, and then proceed to reviewing the armistice agreement that de-facto ended the Korean War, in order to formally sign a permanent peace treaty.

The North's KCNA news agency last week accused the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and South Korea's National Intelligence Service of a plot to assassinate its "supreme leadership" with a biochemical weapon.

North Korea, as of Thursday morning, had yet to comment officially on Moon's election, but experts say there's no reason for it to dislike his win. Moon has a very different perspective, believing confrontation has done nothing to stop North Korea from expanding its nuclear arsenal.

Moon's softer stance on North Korea could create friction with Washington, which has swung from threats of military action to hints of dialogue as it seeks to formulate a policy under President Donald Trump. The country hosts some 28,000 US forces.

Trump told Reuters in an interview last month major conflict with North Korea was possible but he would prefer a diplomatic outcome.

As president, Moon must find a way to coax an increasingly belligerent North Korea to ease its nuclear and missile threats. The "Comprehensive Engagement Policy towards North Korea" was announced in 1998.

Moon has also shown a willingness to challenge the United States, a key ally of South Korea, saying that Seoul should reconsider its deployment of an advanced USA missile defense system to better cope with North Korean threats.

Despite its anger at North Korea's repeated nuclear and missile tests, China remains the isolated state's most important economic and diplomatic backer even with Beijing signing up for tough United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang. Moon's aides say he will commute from his home for the first few days as workers finish furnishing the Blue House residential space for him.

He has also shown ambivalence over the United States missile defense system THAAD, which has been deployed in the South to the fury of China. The date was not set for a potential visit by Moon.

"I look forward to meeting H.E. Mr. Moon Jae-in soon and also look forward to working closely as special strategic partners", Modi added.