Destiny 2 won’t come to PCs until after console release

Ikora seeks to reconnect to the Light and it may be the player’s Guardian who helps.

Cayde-6 finds himself in a tight spot on Nessus, a machine world occupied by the Vex.

All of the game modes fans have come to know and love are making a return, which includes campaign, strikes, crucible, and of course, raids. Sure sounds like only one at launch. Only now, there’s a sweet new game mode to try out too. The new campaign should go a long way into bringing in players who aren’t exactly competitively-minded.

“Our focus in terms of supporting non-Blizzard games is exclusively around Destiny 2“. Weapon Changes Bungie hasn’t gotten back to the drawing board with weapons, but it is tweaking the formula quite a bit. In the Kinetic and Energy weapon slots, players will be able to use the same weapon types if they wish.

Bungie apparently considers Vicarious Visions to be an “extended part part of the dev team” and Shaw also revealed that the developers exchange emails every day, along with regular video conferencing and sometimes the two developers will visit each other as well. Heavy weapons will still do elemental damage. The number of weapons to choose from, the different abilities and classes are all adding to this game in a positive way. Sentinel basically turns Titans into Captain America. The Bladedancer is now an Arcstrider with a huge spear to flash around and kill enemies.

In Destiny, players constantly had to launch into space to access new activities, like going to new planets or competing in the Crucible. Hunters, we didn’t get to see. Solo-players can then read a bio of your clan and elect to join you for the task. I’m guessing not since your save data from the first game does not carry over.

Clans can customize their own banners and messages.

Bungie look to be going all out in their PC support for Destiny 2, they even provided the details on what hardware the game was running on during the gameplay reveal play test afterward. Plus, they’ll have bonuses for all clan members so any individual bonuses gets shared amongst the group. For example, a clan may need a sixth for a raid.

Other than the story, what we want to play the most is the online multiplayer.

On Thursday morning at an event in Los Angeles, California, Bungie finally took the wraps off of Destiny 2.

Adventures: Small quests on planets handed out by NPCs.

Also worth noting is the addition of Loot Sectors, which are points on a map that lead to dungeons populated with boss enemies – likely on par with bosses from strikes rather than raids. Destiny 2 gives Bungie the chance to address the missteps from the first game.

But griping aside, I suppose since it was in the creators minds to start anew when they went about creating Destiny 2, this is as good as an excuse as any.