Delphi Joins BMW-Intel-Mobileye Autonomous Car Partnership

Delphi Automotive PLC, an automotive parts manufacturing company, has been accepted to join an alliance for developing self-driving vehicles.

Delphi will be providing key compute components for the system, and have already supplied a prototype of the platform they’ll eventually supply to the system to the collaborative team.

As the technology industry races to develop self-driving cars, companies are increasingly inking partnerships and acquisitions to better their chances to reach the finish line.

For Delphi, inclusion in the partnership is the latest ambitious step among several the company has made to pivot toward the industry’s autonomous future.

In July, BMW, Intel, and Mobileye announced they were working together to bring self-driving vehicle technology to production by 2021. General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volvo, Audi, and many others have spent many years already working on autonomous vehicles. Intel confirmed Tuesday that the companies are on track to hit that goal.

Richard Rau, BMW AG’s vice president of sensors, control units and software, said his company believes autonomous driving platforms will be consolidated over time as more companies join forces.

Noting that the engagement between Delphi and the Cooperation Partners is “non-exclusive”, BMW, Intel and Mobileye noted they are “in the process of onboarding additional integration and development partners to support future OEM customer needs”. New vehicles on the road today are already collecting data by virtue of connected auto platforms, but the addition of smart sensors to aid autonomous driving will only grow data sets. It would be capable of driving itself, but a human driver could still be called on to intervene. At Level 5, fully self-driving technology is capable of handling all driving in all conditions.

Delphi Chief Technology Officer Glen De Vos said the next few months will be used to sort out who does what and how to create a computing platform that any automaker can use to get autonomous technology into their own vehicles. “It is up to the OEM, like Delphi, to integrate it into their cars and tailor it to their specific needs”.