Fatwa Imam from West Bengal sacked as Shahi Imam of Tipu Mosque

The communication accused Mr. Barkati of physically abusing the co-trustee of the mosque and making comments “that can incite people to violence”. He was also show caused in March.

When contacted, Barkati’s secretary said, “Imam is not well”.

His termination was followed by his refusal to remove the red beacon from his auto.

Barkati was appointed as the Pesh Imam of Tipu Sultan mosque in 1988 and had issued fatwas against writers Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie and most recently against Canadian columnist Tarek Fatah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Week ago, Barkati triggered huge controversy after he refused to remove red beacon from his vehicle, when Central government’s ban on lal batti has come into effect since May 1.

Earlier, Maulana Sharafat Abrar Qasmi Dinajpuri, the convener of Tahaffuz- E- Masjid Committee, an association of 494 mosque committees, said that legal provisions should be enforced against Barkati if he does not vacate the imam’s office even after termination of service. Barkati had argued that the privilege was granted to the “Shahi Imam” by the British government.

He had drawn flak for commenting that Muslims would “fight for Pakistan if India became a Hindu state”.

“There is no question of accepting my removal order as I’m not an employee of the mosque and I don’t take salary from the trust”, Barkati said.

“There is no reason to think that he is above the law”, he added. “I continue to be the Imam”, he said. The reports suggest that the board is miffed with the Anti-National comments that have brought a tremendous amount of displeasure for the community as well.

Speaking to journalists, Mr. Barkati accused two TMC MPs, Sultan Ahmed and Nadeem-ul-Haque, and Minister Siddiqullah Chowdhury of “hatching a conspiracy against him”.

“Mamata Banerjee is not in town now”. I will talk to her. “After all he the Prime Minister of the country and his chair should be respected”, said Abrar. He is an Imam for all namazis of different political beliefs.

Another BJP leader Dilip Gosh expressed similiar views and said, “It is unfortunate since Imam is a religious figure”.