Former US Rep. Anthony Weiner faces charges in sexting case

Weiner turned himself over to Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday morning, according to the publication. The government recommended between 21 and 27 months imprisonment, which Weiner’s counsel agreed to, though ultimately it is up to a judge to decide. Abedin had announced her separation from Weiner last summer after a new round of explicit messages emerged that included an image of Weiner’s crotch as he lay in bed with their young son.

“I have no one to blame but me for putting myself in this position”. “I have a sickness”, he said, “but I do not have an excuse”.

Weiner will be sentenced on September 8.

Former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner has pleaded guilty to transmitting sexual material to a minor and could get years in prison. A likely result of his plea is that Weiner will end up a registered sex offender, the Times reported.

The controversy centered on Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was USA secretary of state.

The investigation led FBI agents to seize his laptop computer, which led to the discovery of a new cache of emails that Clinton had sent to Abedin.

Trump fired Comey days later amid the FBI’s probe into whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian Federation to defeat Clinton, an allegation the president has vehemently denied. Abedin was among a tight-knit group that had an email address on Clinton’s private server.

According to NBC News, numerous media outlets published transcripts of sexually explicit conversations that took place between Weiner and young women he met online.

The Weiner scandal has been a subject of speculation for months as it triggered a chain of events that many Democrats and liberals say contributed to the election of Donald Trump.

Comey testified on May 3 that it makes him “mildly nauseous” that the letters to Congress could have changed the election outcome, NPR reported, but he stood by that he believes he did the right thing.

Abedin, a top aide to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton previous year, separated from Weiner in September after revelations he had sent more sexually charged messages online. He led the polls during his second mayoral bid in 2013 until it was revealed he had continued his questionable behavior after his resignation from Congress in 2011.