Google accidentally teased a new Pixel launcher at I/O 2017

How to flash Android O on my smartphone?

Last year, Google previewed Android Instant Apps at Google I/O, which the company began initial live testing for in January.

Firebase is the company’s mobile and web app development platform.

It will support picture-in-picture for apps, which means you will be able to watch a video while you do other things on your phone. If a user pins the YouTube app, it will display videos that are now trending.

Picture-in-picture allows YouTube Red subscribers to shrink a video they are now watching, allowing it to play in a smaller window they can move anywhere on the screen while they use another app on the phone. Whatever you call them, they’re still ugly. Some features of Android O are picture-in-picture which allows users to manage two tasks simultaneously, smart text selection, auto fill with Google. Here, you will see a dot on app icons whenever this app has some notifications in the notifications shade.

Another pain point in Android today?

Copy and paste will be much easier now.

Another tool in Google Photos will prompt you to share photos you take with people you know. What Pichai is really excited about is machine learning – software that gets smarter over time by munging reams and reams of data. For instance, when you highlight a phone number, the feature will suggest the phone dialer app or messaging apps, in case of an address, you’ll see Google Maps pop up, and so on.

The Google Payment API is not a new tool.

Android Go takes several measures to make sure the operating system and apps remain lightweight and has a particular emphasis on controlling mobile data usage. This comes at a crucial time since Apple Pay had 86 million users versus Android Pay’s 24 million users as of April, according to “Contactless Payments: NFC Handsets, Wearables & Payment Cards 2017-2021”, a report from Juniper Research. More information on features are available here. Now, it’s coming to Gmail proper for iOS and Android.

These features would be exciting as additions to Android O. But they’re a much bigger deal broken off and included inside the Assistant.

Affirming its dominance in the tech world with announcing beta version of “Android O” operating system, Google is celebrating the milestone of reaching two billion monthly active Android devices globally.

Android Go will use stripped-down versions of apps that have been custom made to work best with the system, created to use less memory, storage space and data. And coming later this year?

Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Wednesday (May 17) it would make its digital assistant available on Apple Inc’s iPhone, making a play for the higher end of the smartphone market and challenging Apple’s Siri feature on its own devices.