Luiz splashes £1m on presents for team-mates

It used to be the case that top-flight footballers would celebrate their triumphs with a round of beers and a night at the casino or a day at the races.

Chelsea’s David Luiz has splashed out in celebration of Chelsea’s recent Premier League title, spending more than £1m to buy his teammates luxury supercar keys.

Luiz presented each member of the Chelsea squad – along with head coach Antonio Conte and owner Roman Abramovich – with a Senturion key after training yesterday.

The Blues stormed to the top of the Premier League under Antonio Conte in December after winning 13 games in a row and never looked back. As the key makers say: “Why carry around a vehicle key when you can wear it on your wrist?”

The Brazilian customised his own Senturion key to feature solid 18-carat handcrafted rose gold and 198 black diamonds, and opted to synchronise it with his Mercedes AMG G Wagon. understands that the 30-year-old is one of the highest paid players at the club and has purchased 30 Senturion keys, which are “ultra-luxury wrist wear” starting at £38,000.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was given the grandest, which is forged from a 4.9billion year old meteorite.

Quite what Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante will make of such an extravagant trinket remains to be seen.

Senturion, who call their products “the most unique collectors’ item in the world”, normally only make batches of seven items, but made an exception for the former PSG player.

In 2012 Chelsea legend Didier Drogba marked the club winning their first Champions League trophy by paying around £800,000 for a set of exclusive rings to commemorate Chelsea’s Champions League victory.