Man in dinosaur costume spooks Charleston carriage horses

She was cited and released, according to Charleston police.

“She was frozen. She didn’t leave”, Gary said. Francis says neither the passengers in the carriage nor the horses were hurt.

The horses stopped dead in their tracks, Shelby said.

The carriage horses fell to the ground after being spooked on Thursday, May 18, 2017.

“It did seem that anybody would rightfully think that running by a horse in a T. rex costume, that would startle a horse”, Wolfe said.

The owner of Palmetto Carriage Works suggested it was part of a stunt by animal activists who are becoming increasingly more brazen in protesting the popular rides in South Carolina’s main tourist destination.

According to Doyle, the driver was transported to the hospital and suffered a broken foot.

“We see the attacks getting more and more brazen”, Doyle said. We wish we could say the same about the individual in the dinosaur costume and the groups encouraging this unsafe behavior.

Doyle said the community has to come together and say, “Enough is enough” before a more serious incident occurs. The suspect responded “incoherently”, but told police the voice sounded female. The person in the costume was walking south on Church Street just ahead of the carriage. Police were working to determine if surveillance footage from inside the garage would show the person.

“The horse named Yogi received very minor abrasions and is resting well back at the Big Red Barn with the other horse named Boo Boo”, Doyle said.”Today’s assault is outrageous and has no place in Charleston”.

“Meanwhile people were jumping off the carriage”, Salvador said.”Everybody got off and really it was kind of calm, but the horses refused to go forward”. The horses were able to return to their stables unassisted, the incident report states.

Doyle called the incident an outrageous assault in a statement overnight and claimed “radical” animal rights activists were creating a risky environment for people in addition to the company’s horses.

The Charleston Animal Society Thursday night announced a $2,500 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person in the costume. “That’s my only response”.

Around 5:30 p.m. today one of Palmetto Carriage Works carriage tours was approached by an individual dressed in a dinosaur costume.

Members with the Charleston Animal Society say what happened put multiple people and animals lives in danger. The company says the carriage driver warned the person not to scare the horses.

She said she realized they were going insane because of a “creepy” looking dinosaur.

Palmetto Carriage Works owner Tom Doyle said he has seen a recent increase in people yelling at carriage tours, trying to touch the horses and other disruptions that are risky to animals and people.