Matthew Perry had a ‘Friends’ storyline killed

Friends might be one of the most quotable sitcoms of all time thanks to its utter re-watchability, but more than a decade after its finale, we’re still finding out details about the show.

Matthew Perry stopped by Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, where Andy Cohen grilled the Friends star in a round of “Plead the Fifth”. I think there was no sex between any of them, or I was really missing something. I started the job when I was 24.

The actor who played Chandler Bing on the Friends show pleaded the Fifth right out of the gate when he was asked to play “Shag, Marry, Kill” along with his three female co-stars from the Friends show.

The second question: whether Perry knew what costar David Schwimmer meant by his offhand comment during the televised reunion past year, which Perry couldn’t attend, that some “Friends” costars had had sex.

“I don’t know who he was referring to”, Perry insisted.

Miss the stars or just want to know what they have been up to this Flashback Friday?

Turns out, Chandler Bing would have ended up in a male strip joint in one of the episodes of “Friends” had Matthew Perry not stepped in. “I called up and said, ‘Let’s not do this one‘”. Friends has gone down as one of the most popular comedy shows of all-time, and a classic favorite.