Mischief managed: Geek thieves steal £25000 Harry Potter prequel written on postcard

A quantity of jewellery was also stolen from the property on Howard Road when it was broken into sometime between April 13 and 24, police said.

Ms Rowling herself has issued a plea to Harry Potter fans not to buy the work, which is the only handwritten copy in existence.

According to England’s West Midlands Police, the 800-word story was handwritten on the front and back of an A5 postcard.

Look, we love Harry Potter news as much as the next person. Digpal, who admitted he’s only read one of the Harry Potter books, told the BBC he was anxious it would be sold again on the black market, unless it was destroyed because they were unaware of its value.

Rowling took to Twitter this morning exclaiming to fans not to purchase the rare item if they were offered it.

Her penchant for tactile modes of writing has since receded; most her many contributions to the ever-growing Harry Potter universe have been released on her fan site, Pottermore.

‘It (the prequel) was something I have been responsible for nine years – it’s a bit of a shock and it took a little while for it to settle in’.

The proceeds of the auction were donated to English PEN, an organization which champions freedom of expression, and to Dyslexia Action, which supports students with reading and learning difficulties. When it was revealed which Harry Potter actress is now a body builder, we all threw in guesses, but this? The second of the five Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them films is set to come out in November of next year. But now, the story has been stolen from Digpal, and authorities are monitoring the black market to see if it surfaces for sale.