Netflix will not be demise of theaters: ‘Okja’ director Bong Joon-ho

Upcoming movie “Okja” has sparked heated debate about how films released nearly exclusively online will affect the film industry, but the film’s visionary director, Bong Joon-ho, doubts platforms like Netflix will replace theaters.

“Cannes is a film festival in theatres, and, for the territory of France, we would like to have all the films competing in Cannes available in theatres”, festival director Thierry Fremaux said in an interview.

This poster comes right on the tail of a tenuous week for the Netflix film.

Smith, who has not had a film play at Cannes before, was dapperly dressed and cheerfully posing with festival-goers who screamed “Will!”

The film also takes viewers on a long cinematic journey from a remote mountain village in South Korea’s Gangwon Province to New York’s Manhattan, the heart of capitalism, along with the girl named Mija, he said.

The French film industry has been up in arms over the fact that the two films will not be getting theatrical releases locally. “They get to see films they absolutely wouldn’t have seen”.

Born in 1912, Saddat Haasan Manto is a popular Indian-Pakistani poet and writer whose works are lauded even today for its bold and unconventional content. Nawaz, who plays the protagonist in the film, will be attending the prestigious Cannes Film Festival with none other than Nandita Das, who is also the director of Manto. “But Netflix fully supported me”, he said.

“From now on every film wishing to be in competition at Cannes must be shown in French cinemas afterwards”, the statement further read.

Cannes misjudged”, said Thomas Sotinel, a film critic and journalist at Le Monde.

I think it’s sad that this film festival is siding with exhibitors and robbing festival-goers from seeing possibly great films just because they are produced by a streaming service.

As for the Sci-Fi drama Netflix movies 2017 titles, “Okja” becomes a very promising addition based on the film’s captivating plot that has some philosophical implications.

“The establishment closing ranks against us”.

This year, she will premiere “The Beguiled“, her fourth at Cannes and second in competition. “It is the kind of a movie that includes various complicated satires”, Bong explained.

Also in Cannes will be American actor Kristen Stewart with “Come Swim“, a short film directed by her. The festival said it was “aware of the anxiety aroused” by the Netflix films and has lobbied for a solution.

Director Bong Joon-ho’s much-anticipated movie “Okja” makes its worldwide debut in six weeks.

“The real open question that will be given to the next culture minister is, “Can we create a modernised media chronology so a film doesn’t have to wait three years to go to Netflix?’“. However, it seems most movie theaters are not interested in a non-exclusive theatrical window.

Besides celebrating the artistic cinema, the festival has a Marche du Film that offers terrific business prospects for the global community of film buyers and distributers.