Pelosi: Trump ‘vulnerable personally’ amid Russia probe

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is mocking President Donald Trump’s complaints about unfair treatment by the news media.

Pelosi’s comments come hours after the Justice Department’s announcement that it had assigned a special prosecutor to overlook the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into whether Russian Federation meddled in the 2016 presidential election.

Pelosi and other Democrats praised the move as a sign the investigation would be led by an independent actor. “But it does raise suspicions”, Pelosi said. “It is within the Trump-appointed Justice Department”, Pelosi said at a press briefing, according to The Hill.

“The most important question is this: What is the independence of this commission?”

Pelosi’s filing of a discharge petition is a parliamentary tactic that forces a piece of legislation out of committee and to the floor of the House for a vote.

A handful of Republicans, like Reps.

“When we were asking for a special prosecutor, now counsel, we were saying it should be appointed by somebody not appointed by President Trump – the highest-ranking non-Trump-appointed official there”. They began endorsing the ideas in the aftermath of a New York Times report Tuesday night that Trump had pressured ousted FBI Director James Comey to stop investigating former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s ties to Russian Federation.