Person who disrupted flight to Hawaii detained

Passengers settling into a six-hour flight to Honolulu noticed an oddly behaving man before the plane took off from Los Angeles.

An American Airlines passenger was detained in Honololu on Friday after he tried to get into the cockpit during the flight but was subdued by a crew member and another passenger, officials said. The man then attempted to open the cockpit door before being subdued by an off-duty police officer on board. He then boarded Flight 31 to Honolulu. Then, passengers forced him back to his seat. Pacific time, almost three hours before the first flights of the day, he would have had ample time to get through security again and catch a plane to Hawaii as scheduled.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said the secretary was briefed on the incident.

The man, 25-year-old Anil Uskanil of Turkey, was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor trespassing. “I’ve never seen anything like this”, the passenger under Instagram name BPLUS.noisefloor.dnb wrote alongside the post.

Passenger Grant Arakelian said, “He was very quiet, moving very sluggish”. A Homeland Security tweet reported no other disruptions on other flights, but said the agency was continuing to “monitor all flights out of an abundance of caution”, the newspaper said.

Passengers, including an off duty police officer helps subdue the man, using duct tape to secure him to his seat for the remainder of the flight.

Two witnesses told the Associated Press that the man, who was in coach, did not make it into the first-class area after a flight attendant blocked him with a cart. It confirmed the individual who caused the apparent disturbance was taken into custody when the plane landed. About four Federal Bureau of Investigation agents got in and arrested the man who tried to get into the cockpit, “he said”.

“Airport police investigated and determined Uskanil had been drinking but did not meet the criteria for drunk in public”, according to the statement. “He was pushing against the cart and a bunch of guys grabbed him”.

Almost 200 passengers experienced an in-flight scare over the Pacific Friday after a man became disruptive, causing operations to come to a halt.

Fighter jets escorted an American Airlines flight on its way to Honolulu on Friday after a disturbance aboard the aircraft.