Pit bull will begin stint as OH police K-9

A few months ago Leonard nearly lost his life – now, he’s working to save others.

He was rescued by the Union County Humane Society near Marysville, but because he had a “high ball drive” the humane society deemed him not fit for adoption. The shelter planned to adopt out the dog, but found that he could be too aggressive and not suitable for many forever homes. This meant the next stop for Leonard would be euthanasia. “He wanted to play”, Alloway told ABC news.

The society contacted Storm Dog Tactical and they decided he had the right disposition to train as a K-9.

The dog, Leonard, is Ohio’s first pit bull K-9 and will be used to sniff out drugs, WCMH reported. But they were pleasantly surprised when trainers quickly discovered that much of Leonard’s aggressive energy was actually playfulness. “He’s constantly wanting to work”.

Leonard is now trained, and lives with his handler and Chief of Police Terry Mitchell in Clay Township.

WCMH reports a dog named Leonard will soon be the first pit bull police officer in the state of Ohio.

Leonard was certified by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy examiners on May 14, WCMH reported. “After initial testing, we all knew that Leonard would be an ideal candidate as a narcotics dog”, said Union County Humane Society.