Power Rangers Inspired Chroma Squad Gets Goofy Launch Trailer

Chroma Squad is obviously inspired by Saban’s Power Rangers, and turns the idea into a 16-bit tactical RPG.

It’s time for us to pose in front of a colorful explosion, as Chroma Squad makes its debut on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Chroma Squad first arrived on PC in April 2015, where it acquired a fan base and very good reviews from the community on Steam. The game was developed by Behold Studios and started by the Kickstarter which is now distributed by Bandai Namco. During the fighting, you will also have the possibility to control a giant mecha by making it fight against enormous monsters. A PlayStation Vita version was also in the works, though that was ultimately canceled.

Chroma Squad is available digitally through the PlayStation and Xbox Stores and retails for United States $15/£12/AU $20. Players will eventually be able to take their team of give stunt-actors-turned-Rangers and eventually run their own TV production studio, customize their team, and teach them how to get down and dirty in turn-based battles in order to provide the flawless material for their television audiences.