Teenage boy dies after overdosing on caffeine

Dr Marian O’Reilly, chief nutrition specialist at Safefood.eu, said students need to educate themselves on the caffeine content of popular energy drinks before consuming them.

Sixteen-year-old SC student Davis Allen Cripe died last month after drinking a McDonald’s latte, a large Mountain Dew, and an energy drink in less than two hours. The cause of death of the Spring Hill High School teenager who had collapsed in a classroom last month and died, was a “caffeine-induced” cardiac event, the Richland County Coroner’s Office said in its newly-published report.

Officials declined to name the energy drink that Davis had purchased from a McDonald’s restaurant at around 12:30 p.m. on 26th of April.

“It was mainly due to the time period that he ingested a rapid amount of caffeine that affected his heart”, Mr Watts told The Post and Courier, adding that Cripe had collapsed just 15 minutes after taking the energy drink. Cripes autopsy showed no undiagnosed heart conditions and that he was healthy with no medical conditions that could have triggered by the caffeine intake.

“This was not an overdose”. “Our objective here today is to let people know, especially our young kids in school, that these drinks can be unsafe, and be very careful with how you use them, and how many you drink on a daily basis”. We worry about their safety, their health, especially once they start driving. But it wasn’t a vehicle crash that took his life. “Instead, it was an energy drink”.