Trump close to making Federal Bureau of Investigation choice, ex-Sen. Lieberman on list

The committee’s chairman, Sen. Politico reported that Democratic Sen.

Burr says the committee wants to hear from Comey on his role in the development of the US intelligence agencies’ assessment that Russian Federation interfered in last year’s election. She worked for Trump ally Rudy Giuliani as a federal prosecutor in NY and also oversaw the Justice Department’s Office of Intelligence Policy.

Several senior White House officials told reporters at both Politico and CNN that Lieberman, a former Democratic senator from CT who now identifies as an Independent, was the frontrunner for the job.

“He’s the reason we lost Medicare at 55”, Brown told Politico.

Trump also criticized Comey for his performance during a recent appearance before Congress, and said Comey’s replacement is “going to be outstanding”.

Lieberman supported Trump rival Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House. This is a job for a person not just broadly familiar with, but extremely well versed in, the tools of law-enforcement investigations, the technical interplay of various federal agencies, and the granular details of patient inquiry.

Also, some Democrats are skeptical about Lieberman’s independence from Trump given that the two are now in an attorney-client relationship.

Some politicians said Lieberman would be a stunning choice as a longtime Democrat without extensive experience as a prosecutor or criminal investigator.

And Scott, the president reportedly made these comments in his meeting last week with Russia’s foreign minister and ambassador. It says one official had read quotations to the Times and another had confirmed the broad outlines of the discussion. If Trump’s track record of loyalty is any indicator, Keating likely won’t get the job.

When asked if Lieberman was his top pick, the president said “yes”.

Lieberman was among four candidates Trump interviewed at the White House on Wednesday.

Trump has said he could name a director before he leaves the country Friday on his first overseas trip as president.

Trump met on Wednesday with Lieberman and three other candidates: current acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe; Frank Keating, the former governor of Oklahoma who previously served as an FBI agent and in high-level positions in the Justice Department; and Richard McFeely, who served in the FBI for 24 years before retiring as executive assistant director in 2014. Trump has not signaled that anyone else has replaced Lieberman as his top preference since then.

In the remarks, Rosenstein said he learned a day before Comey’s firing that Trump wanted to dismiss him. Federal Bureau of Investigation directors traditionally have had prosecutorial experience, either as an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent or as a member of the Justice Department. John Cornyn of Texas, both Republicans; Alice Fisher, the former head of the Justice Departments criminal division; and Michael Garcia, a former US attorney from Manhattan. A lot of Democrats, however, are pouring cold water on that idea.

Other Democrats during the committee meeting applauded the selection of Robert S. Mueller III as the special counsel for the Russian Federation investigation, but they said it doesn’t mean they’re dropping their own inquiry.