Trump nominates Callista Gingrich as ambassador to Vatican

President Donald Trump has nominated Callista Gingrich to be the USA ambassador to the Vatican.

President Donald Trump plans to nominate Callista Gingrich as ambassador to the Vatican, the White House said in a statement on Friday.

The announcement comes as Trump begins his first global trip as president, which will include a meeting with Pope Francis in Rome on Wednesday. It’s even produced a film on Pope John Paul II’s historic trip to Poland in 1979. Callista Gingrich serves as the company’s president.

The Senate must confirm her nomination.

News about Gingrich being in the running for the Vatican ambassador job was first reported in January.

Schlageter said Callista Gingrich’s time producing the documentary about Pope John Paul helped her create professional relationships and friendships in the USA and Rome that will serve her well should she be confirmed to the post. “I think she’s a wonderful choice”.

Newt Gingrich has credited his wife, a lifelong Catholic, with his decision to convert to Catholicism in 2009.