Turkish Security Detail’s Clash in Washington Is ‘Deeply Disturbing’

The Trump administration is facing growing calls for a forceful response to violence on American soil by Turkish presidential guards who were briefly detained this week but then set free.

“We have long supported Turkey as a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and a key USA ally in the region, and we expect conduct more appropriate to our decade’s long [sic] partnership”, the letter warned. When viewed from all these aspects, we are talking about an issue that will grow further and become an annoyance in the coming days for Turkish-U.S. relations.

A police officer chases a protester, in this still image captured from a video footage, during a violent clash outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence between protesters and Turkish security personnel during Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Washington, DC, U.S. on May 16, 2017. Erdogan even witnessed the melee. To be able to understand how deep the reactions in the US goes, one has to see that as far as it is peaceful, the right to assemble and protest is one of the highest regarded, and nearly sacred, value in American democracy.

Ambassador Serdar Kılıç also reportedly spoke with US police, expressing dismay about their failure to take precaution.

Erdogan visited the White House this week to ask Trump to stand down from backing Kurdish forces in Syria; according to the UK “Guardian”, Trump said the USA would not.

Violence in Turkey has escalated in recent years both in the fight against terror and during an unsuccessful coup attempt against Erdogan last year. A USA official said Thursday that wasn’t the case. None have been arrested, per a U.S. official who told the Associated Press that Erdogan’s guards were allowed to leave the USA under globally recognized customs that protect heads of state and their staff from arrest.

The guards’ release left the US struggling to point to anything that amounts to accountability.

“My Kurdish friends and allies were protesting peacefully against Erdogan being in Washington when we were suddenly attacked by a group of Erdogan’s official bodyguards and secret police”.

Johnnie Moore, evangelical author and advocate for persecuted Christians, said: ‘This shows the clear and open lines of communication between evangelicals and this White House’.

The US police also branded the incident as a “brutal attack” on peaceful protesters. The clash happened outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence in Washington on Tuesday.

Seyid Riza Dersimi, a 61-year-old Virginia resident that helped plan the protest, was pushed to the ground and kicked in the face over and over again.

Nine people needed medical attention after the scuffle, CNN reported.

“This isn’t Turkey. This isn’t a third-world country”, McCain said on MSNBC.

Video emerged Thursday showing Erdogan watching the fracas unfold. He later exits the vehicle and peers toward the chaos.

“The meeting was not actually meant to be any sort of dialogue, but rather a way to have a story in the Turkish press about important people having an audience with President Erdogan”, Steven Cook, a Turkey expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, told BuzzFeed News.

But Mehmet Yuksel, who arrived immediately after the incident and knows nearly all of the little over a dozen demonstrators, said they weren’t connected with that group.