YouTube is bringing 360-degree videos to TVs

Google Home is built as a constantly improving system that is able to learn new things and updates to perform more capabilities.

Google is also bringing other staples of the old fashioned 2D internet into VR.

Will standalone VR headsets running on the Daydream platform encourage greater adoption of VR? It will feature “WorldSense” tracking tech, based on the company’s Tango platform. This of course is most commonly found with virtual reality devices, but coming soon you will be able to cast these 360-degree videos directly to the YouTube app on your TV, as well as control it with the remote’s navigation buttons.

The feature, which YouTube’s Erin Teague calls a “co-watching experience”, will let users essentially have conversations via what appears to be digital avatars that float on a dock in the middle of the screen.

That’s not the most exciting news, however, because it goes much deeper into providing you with other information that Google Home can supply on request.

Virtual reality can be lonely.

YouTube announced a way to watch VR videos with friends. It’s adding support for its Chrome web browser, so you can browse websites. Additionally, Google is also providing developers with two new tools: Instant Preview and Seurat. The company didn’t detail whether this would be random users so we’ll have to see how much auditory spam there’s going to be. Google says, without being specific, that you can achieve desktop-level graphics with mobile GPU.