Cavs book finals rematch with Warriors

So one more wouldn't be too much of a surprise.

Lue has the hard task of coaching LeBron James.

Turn on the TV and there are questions about their turnovers and how those turnovers could haunt them in the NBA Finals. Many mock drafts had it the other way, given Oden's potential - he likely would've been the top pick a year earlier out of high school, but the 2006 draft was the first with the NBA's age requirement.

As you may expect, Spurs players had a unique first-hand experience matching up against the best of the West in the conference finals.

As we know, after all, everything until now has been a colossal waste of time. Acting coach Mike Brown has been leading Golden State during Kerr's absence.

Once again, Cleveland will be overmatched. Even with all that, the Celtics' postseason roster would produce.088 wins shares per 48 minutes, leaving them seventh overall, just by a smaller margin. Given that Cleveland won both Games 5 and 7 at Golden State previous year, that may or may not be a factor. That would certainly push the Celtics closer to competitive territory with the Cavs and Warriors in the win shares category, but they're still a distant third. "And they've added an unbelievable player in Kevin Durant this year". But let's not go blowing every little imperfection on the Warriors as a fatal flaw in order to create a narrative.

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue said the Boston Celtics are tougher to defend than the Golden State Warriors.

Well, that's a lot to take in.

Depending on the length of The Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, there will be anywhere between 78 games and 81 games. That doesn't seem right, does it? No matter how little they think of the Celtics, they have to at least pretend that they're anxious about Marcus Smart.

Right from the start, things were clear.

I also understand that the Cavs probably prepared for Isaiah Thomas an very bad lot. Myers noted that "just having him in the building and around is very powerful". The problem is they have been destroying opponents so badly that they get bored and coast through the rest of the game. It's the matchup most expected, the matchup most predicted, and probably the matchup the Cavaliers and Warriors wanted as well. "It's cute.". The Cavaliers' 43 points in the first quarter made them the first playoff team since the 1990 Celtics with three 40-point quarters against the same team. It's fun for both sides to throw subtle jabs at each other as they get ready to fully focus on each other. "This team (the Celtics) is like we're preparing for a whole new team".

BOSTON - As they celebrated defending their Eastern Conference title Thursday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers weren't ready to focus on defending their National Basketball Association championship. It is the best three-year run in the history of the regular season.

Surely, this will reach the players.

If Lacob is the most loquacious person associated with the Warriors, the person least expected to make waves is Klay Thompson, the star shooting guard who would rather do just about anything than sit down to talk to the media.