Iranian president calls US relations 'a curvy road'

  • Iranian president calls US relations 'a curvy road'

Iranian president calls US relations 'a curvy road'

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani Monday responded to US President Donald Trump's bash on Iran pointing out that the US will never prevent Iran from continuing its ballistic missile program.

"We are confident that President Hassan Rouhani will surround himself again with another set of talented and technocratic and capable individuals with whom the United Nations can work", Lewis added. "We will not wait for them and their permission", he said.

"When they attacked Afghanistan, they made a mistake".

Iranian leaders were aware that if Ebrahim Raisi was elected president, tensions would have escalated with the West, the nuclear deal would likely have fallen apart, and possibly UN Security Council sanctions would have been re-imposed.

Al-Jubeir, borrowing a favorite Trump meme, said that stronger US ties will allow the region to "drain the swamps from which extremism and terrorism emanates".

"If you know of a case where America acted correctly, you tell me". "There is no doubt in this". The Saudis are Iran's biggest enemies in the region and are expected to push hard for Trump to turn his back on the nuclear deal. "A lot of our clients put things on hold, waiting to see the result of the elections and if there is further retaliation from the United States government", he tells GTR. "I hope one day the rulers of this country will allow their rule to not be hereditary", said Rouhani.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia-Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson had some advice on Saturday for Iran's newly reelected president.

"The issue of terrorism can not be solved through giving money to superpowers", Rouhani said, adding that his nation would "uproot terrorism" and bring stability to the region.

Tillerson used the word Daesh, instead of the "Islamic State" or "ISIS", the names Trump frequently has used to describe the terrorist group that has taken control in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the Arab world. "The Iranians and Russians fought against terrorism alongside the Syrians and the Iraqis". His win is a vote to continue the moderate policies that Rouhani has backed, in particular the effort to reopen Iran to the world.

"The American people have not forgotten the blood spilt on September 11".

At the Tehran press conference, Rouhani also defended Iran's ballistic missile program, something heavily criticized by Trump's new administration.

This also plays right into the hands of Donald Trump's opposition that have long accused the real estate mogul of collusion with Russian Federation to hack the election and hand him a victory over the highly favored Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. The International Monetary Fund estimates unemployment at around 12 percent but some analysts say the figure could be as high as 20 percent; among the volatile group of young people under the age of 25, the figure is much higher.

"The people know. that without competition on the basis of quality, not on the basis of political or security power, that our economy can not progress", he said.