Reformists sweep Tehran municipal vote as Rouhani wins Iran

  • Reformists sweep Tehran municipal vote as Rouhani wins Iran

Reformists sweep Tehran municipal vote as Rouhani wins Iran

His Excellency President Jacob Zuma has congratulated the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, His Excellency Hassan Rouhani, who has won the Iranian presidential elections held on Friday, 19 May 2017.

Asserting that unity and consensus is the solution against the terrorism, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that terrorism is now on the path to eradication, although there is a lot to be done in this respect.

Speaking after moderate President Hassan Rouhani's re-election, an Iranian trade minister said the country needs major investments for offshore oil and gas.

On Monday Trump arrived in Israel, where he again singled out Iran.

"Unfortunately, Americans have always made mistakes in our region", Rouhani said. "What we said was based on expert opinion and what we presented to the Majlis, and we will attempt in this regard".

He compared Iran's election with Saudi Arabia's monarchy, and also vowed that missile tests would continue.

Gargash's comments came with the Riyadh summit, where U.S. President Donald Trump also said Iran was responsible for instability in the Middle East.

The president added that "the issue of terrorism can not be solved through giving money to superpowers". It was Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Russian Federation.

In that address, Trump also took aim at Iran, accusing Tehran of contributing to instability in the region. "I believe that Saudi Arabia can not use these weapons and they will eventually be forced to take United States military advisors to the region". "They should have polling stations in place for the people and let the rulers not be on a hereditary basis".

"The Iranian people voted for moderation as they know a prosperous economy and jobs can only happen through investment, and investment through freedom and interaction with the world", he said.

Indeed, rather than vote for either candidate, many Iranians boycotted the sham elections.

According to Iran's Interior Ministry, Rouhani got almost 23.6 million votes, while his opponent Raisi, who is the Custodian of the Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine, a candidate who rallied conservative voters and is reported to have been backed by Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, received 15.8 million votes.

Iran's moderates and reformists have swept to power in Tehran's City Council, winning all 21 seats and driving the conservatives from power. That's when Saudi Arabia executed a prominent Shiite cleric and protesters in Iran attacked two of the kingdom's diplomatic posts. Trump has repeatedly described it as "one of the worst deals ever signed", although his administration re-authorized waivers from sanctions this week.

Mr Trump began a trip to Israel on Monday by saying that it shared a "common cause" with its Arab neighbours in "the threat posed by Iran".

The senator added, "Rouhani has visited Pakistan twice in last one year and we would want that under his leadership Pak-Iran relations are further strengthened and all misunderstandings if any are removed because Pak-Iran relations are in the interest of both countries and in the interest of peace, security and stability of the region".

The US has no other way but to think of "a win-win approach vis-a-vis Iran, otherwise they will fail", he said.

Iran's Supreme leader is the ultimate arbiter of the important issues, particularly those the United States is most concerned about: Iran's nuclear program, its ballistic missile force, its export of terrorism, and its efforts to export its revolution to Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and other places.

This is not to say that the Iranian people are in favour of Rouhani, a man who executed almost 4,000 people in just four years, boasts about Iran's support for the dictator Bashar al-Assad, and now presides over an Iran where millions live in poverty; just that Khamenei felt that Raisi would cause the biggest protests. Americans do not know our region and the problem is that those who are advising the Americans are unfortunately either rulers who are misguiding the U.S., or buying people in the US.