Kerr to miss NBA Cavs-Warriors Finals opener

  • Kerr to miss NBA Cavs-Warriors Finals opener

Kerr to miss NBA Cavs-Warriors Finals opener

He wants to make a firm decision, either way, before Game 1 tips off.

"So it's the even-keel mentality about our coach and it definitely helps us as players when we're going out into a war".

Have the two team faced each other this season? .

Golden State is better, however, with the same core of stars (Curry, Thompson, Green) but they added superstar Kevin Durant in the offseason to create one of the strongest teams the National Basketball Association has ever seen. He then returned to the Cavaliers, advancing to these past three Finals, with a championship last season. "We don't go into any series saying we're only going to play four games, we can't approach a series like that, like, 'Yeah, we're going to play four.' You approach it with a mindset of, 'Of course we'd love to sweep them but you have to take that game by game'". The NBA has gone back and forth of late crowning champs between veteran teams and young ones.

After the team returned from Boston in the wee hours Friday morning, Cavs coach Tyronn Lue didn't go to bed and immediately began working on a game plan to stifle Golden State's powerful, multi-faceted offense. Countered Golden State acting coach Mike Brown, when asked about it Thursday: "That's his opinion".

Cleveland overcame a 3-1 series deficit in last season's Finals to rip the title from Golden State, but the Vegas odds - along with basically every metric including the eye test - tell us the Warriors are the favorites by a wide margin. But there's also a clear respect level between the clubs as well.

The Spurs were the best defensive team in the National Basketball Association this season and the Warriors treated them like orange cones scattered on the practice court for mid-summer shooting drills.

Most fans would have to agree with Vegas on this one, what with the Dubs having added superstar Kevin Durant in the offseason-not to mention their flawless 12-0 run through their first three playoff series. So it makes it even more hard. Like, am I the reason that they're not that good? "We have to be ready for the challenge". Meanwhile, all eyes will be on the newest addition to the rivalry as we wait to see what Kevin Durant brings to the table in this championship series. (When Shaquille O'Neal was asked before the Finals to predict a victor, he said he had to watch "the first two games first.") The 7th game - if necessary - is slated for June 18.

"It's a little different, definitely".

"I'm honored and I'm happy and I'm extremely excited to be a part of The Finals again", he said. "I went when I was 23 years old, and it felt like the Western Conference Finals was nearly like the championship. He's doing a lot more movement, which makes it even tougher to guard after being one of the tougher scorers I've ever seen".