Local veteran shares his thoughts on Memorial Day

  • Local veteran shares his thoughts on Memorial Day

Local veteran shares his thoughts on Memorial Day

Memorial Day once struggled to keep its original meaning.

The origins of Memorial Day began after one of our country's darkest chapters, the Civil War.

"Memorial Day to me is showing my respect for all those who came before me and fell before", she said.

Quad-Citians, your patriotism and service astounds me every day, and I am honored and grateful to be part of this community. Contribute to the feeling that Memorial Day has been overshadowed by all the things we do today. Memorial Day honors service members who've died in battle or from injuries sustained in battle. In addition, from noon to 3 p.m. today, the Sunnyside Museum will feature a display of World War I memorabilia from local veterans.

"On May 5, 1866, the town of Waterloo, N.Y., closed down for the day so the residents could clean and decorate the graves", O'Donnell said.

On Veterans Day, the chapter retires old flags that people bring to them.

A chorus group sang songs, played horns, and a reading of the 81 service men and women from Winnebago County. But others spent the day remembering those who paid the ultimate price.

"I wish he was still here", said Paul Mertens.

It's been decades since Jim Hughes returned home from the Vietnam War, but to him, it still feels like yesterday. The Vietnam Veterans of America, Central Alabama Chapter 607, held their annual Memorial Day ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans of America Memorial Garden at Greenwood Cemetery.

The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation will be offering free roses for veterans and their families at Houston National Cemetery until supplies run out. In Britain and France, Veterans Day is called Armistice Day, while Memorial Day is called Monday (well, "lundi" in France).

"You can see it in people's faces that they're a little horrified that they forget this is what the day's about", said Jaslow, 34, who wears a bracelet bearing the name of a fallen comrade.