Why the Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA Finals

  • Why the Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA Finals

Why the Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA Finals

For the third consecutive season, the Warriors will face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, a grudge match between two franchises that boasted an insane seven All-Stars in 2016-17. Under Armour is silly in the context of the NBA Finals: does the average fan know or care, during a playoff series, which stars are endorsed by which apparel brands? They frequently slept walked through entire games and committed to entering the postseason as healthy as possible. Not to go out there and score a number of points, but to just go out there and win the game and make winning plays. They won't stop LeBron or Kyrie outright, but I expect them to limit the amount of help they gets from their teammates. With a solid supporting cast, led by Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, James has the support he relied upon last season and needs again this season. The man who has the best series nearly certainly will get the ring.

Nike is also the new official outfitter of the National Basketball Association, a deal that begins next season when the swoosh will replace the Adidas three stripes on all jerseys.

The Cavs are also more well-rounded than they were in the previous two trips to the finals. But the Nets sat Jeremy Lin, Trevor Booker and Brook Lopez, essentially handing the game to the Bulls.

"It's not my preference to rest". It's tough for me to say that is the case. So we have to be very in tune with their ball going into the post and not relax."Preview for a video I will be releasing soon: The Warriors have at least three or four progressions for this play". And that juggernaut will require the Cleveland Cavaliers to play airtight defence in these NBA Finals. He was very good in 2015 when they won the title; he failed to live up to his 2016 regular season - understandably - in the 2016 Finals when he was far from great, but certainly not awful.

As game seven began, Green made his presence felt by knocking down three after three throughout the game, but the Cavs always came back with a response. And since 2000, the NBA Finals has pumped out a 36-48-5 O/U count (57 percent Unders).

"Why do I want to own team?" How does one really improve upon a 73-win team? Neither can guard the other, and neither will spend much time trying. So Cleveland will attack the ones they do see.

After so many blowouts in the first three rounds of the Playoffs the fans deserve, and the National Basketball Association would like to see, a competitive series, especially one that goes the full seven. We've had players openly hoping that the opposing locker room still smells like champagne.

This has happened once each in the other three major North American pro sports: Cleveland Browns vs. Detroit Lions in National Football League Championship Game from 1952-54 (pre-Super Bowl era); New York Yankees vs. Several nationally televised games were diluted because of key players resting. Green was also suspended by the league from game six. It will take the Warriors a few games to fully figure this out. And this is for reasons beyond the fact James passed Jordan as the all-time playoff scoring leader as the Cavaliers eliminated the Celtics in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals. Not often enough are organizations, championship ones, willing to bring that coach in and turn them into one of the most valuable assets they have. If Golden State loses, Durant will be forced to bury his head in the PR sand for months.

The home team won both matchups between these teams this season. Go rewatch last season's NBA Finals if you're in need of a reminder. "People do get exhausted on back to backs".

While I am not suggesting a play on the Cavs on the money-line in Game 1 (and possibly Game 2 if they lost the opener), I do find the +7 an attractive take.

That previously gag-inducing defensive rating now stands at 104.6, a mark that would put Cavaliers among a smattering of the league's top units during the regular season. "It's coming from TV and the fans, and we have a responsibility".