'Wonder Woman' banned in Lebanon because lead actress is Israeli

"Wonder Woman" was produced by Warner Bros., which is owned by CNN parent company Time Warner. Critics have given this film a warm welcome and a big thumbs-up.

Set during World War I, Wonder Woman follows Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) after Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), an air force officer crash lands on the island of Themyscira - the home of the Amazons - and informs them of the great war going on in the outside world.

Wonder Woman joins a long list of films to have been shot on location at Hatfield House.

The film's island scenes with the Amazons evoke epic sword-and-sandal movies, but when the action moves to World War I, "Wonder Woman" tries be too many genres at once: a military buddy adventure, a romantic drama and a special-effects-laden superhero story. The photo was screened on The Ellen Show.

Reviews for "Wonder Woman" have been glowing, scoring a rare 97 percent positive rating on aggregator Rotten Tomatoes with critics praising its humor and positive spirit.

"She is fierce and strong and incredible but she's also idealistic for the good of mankind and she really believes in love and truth". A more recent version has the god Zeus as her father, making Diana a demi-god. The fights are spectacular and emotional.

And Gadot has revealed Carter "thanked" her for "sharing the burden" of playing the iconic female superhero with her. The final screenwriting credits for Wonder Woman are screenplay by Heinberg, then story by Snyder, Heinberg, and Jason Fuchs, the screenwriter behind WB's Pan.

Lebanon has banned Wonder Woman from its theaters.

Man of Steel kicked things off in 2013, but Wonder Woman is only the second movie to feature a singular lead character as opposed to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, which were more ensemble pieces.

When the pilot, Steve Trevor, tells the women of a great and awful war, Diana insists on accompanying him back to the outside world in order to put a stop to it.

The DC Legends login reward for June is Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice and with the weekend loot celebration (taking place this weekend) players will bag 50 special bonus fragments which are enough to level up the character to level 5. Like Superman, Wonder Woman is a character that lacks the edge of popular modern day characters like Wolverine, Batman or Deadpool. In fact, The Village Voice whined that the movie just didn't hate men enough. Information about box-office collections and whereabouts of films stars is at the back of his hand.