Durant stars as Warriors dominate Cavs in NBA Finals opener

Durant, one of the NBA's most versatile scoring machines, had quite the coming-out party in his first Finals game with his new team (he signed with them last July). When a team does that to set a franchise record for fewest turnovers and ties the NBA Finals record for fewest turnovers in a game, it's even more so. Kevin Durant had an incredible game as the Warriors easily took Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals with a 113-91 victory.

He was a solid 10-for-18 in he first half, finishing up 14-for-26 for 38 points along with eight assists and eight rebounds.

Yes, Cleveland can. And believe it or not, Golden State can, too.

Things started off close, but the Cavaliers just didn't have enough in the tank to keep up with Golden State. "But what I'd really like to do is maybe at the Finals, one time, if they asked me, I would love to come, just right at midcourt, maybe with an eight-piece string section or something like that, and just play the theme right after the national anthem".

Golden State finally warmed up after nine days off, while the Cavs had a six-day break since beating Boston in the Eastern Conference finals. The Golden State Warriors led by 24, and upended the reigning National Basketball Association. LeBron had eight turnovers alone. Unfortunately for James, outside of Kyrie Irving's 24 points, he didn't get much help Thursday night in Oakland. Both did and suddenly the middle of the court was wide open and Durant went in for another uncontested dunk. But that OKC team, as good as it was, was not in Golden State's league in terms of offensive arsenal.

Durant punished Cleveland for leaving him free, taking the ball to the hoop for emphatic dunks as a man on a mission to deliver exactly what he came for: a championship.

While the Cavaliers left Oracle Arena on Thursday night wondering how to defend the interior, prolong the perimeter struggles of Thompson (3 for 16) and Green (3 for 12), Curry insists the Warriors will change very little.

The simultaneous and successful recruitment of Durant, who remains villain No. 1 in Oklahoma City but a beloved newcomer in the Bay Area, provided the entire Warriors organization with a psychological boost. Steph Curry gave a nod to that last night.

For Cleveland, committing 20 turnovers to Golden State's four will result in disaster presumably every time. Like "owned a Ricky Davis jersey" love them.

I don't even know if I would go this far on this claim, but hey, dare to dream! Draymond Green converted just a quarter of his shots from the field. Win one game. Now we look to Sunday to try to do it again. Now, he's mostly matched up against Durant. What happens when Thompson finds his shot? Curry probably the best shooter in National Basketball Association history.