EU, China believes Trump climate decision 'a big mistake — EU chief

Downing Street has defended Theresa May not signing up to a joint declaration by Germany, France and Italy in opposition to Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord by stressing that other countries also chose a different path. "We believe this is an important worldwide agreement on climate change". But she said the move "can't and won't stop all those of us who feel obliged to protect the planet".

This comes on the heels of President Trump announcing that he was withdrawing the USA from the Paris Agreement, but this didn't stop some United States governors and mayors from taking a stand.

"Today, the future livability of our planet was threatened by President Trump's careless decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement".

The first-time Democratic lawmaker from Seattle said it is America's moral responsibility to transition the economy from fossil fuels to clean energy while ensuring that they sustain and create retraining programmes, apprenticeships and good paying jobs for workers.

Anifa Kawooya, the vice chairperson of the Parliamentary Forum on Climate Change (PFCC) describes Trump's action as "absurd".

What is the Paris Agreement?

China, the world's biggest carbon dioxide emitter, meanwhile, vowed to stand by the Paris Agreement, with Beijing and the European Union agreeing to back the climate deal through a joint statement.

The president's decision is fundamentally shifting alliances around the world. "It turns out if climate change destroys human life on earth, it could be bad for business".

He added:"We in the Philippines are on the frontlines of climate change and will hold the polluters accountable for the suffering and injustice global warming is already inflicting upon our people".

"Europe will lead through ambitious climate policies and through continued support to the poor and vulnerable". German Chancellor Angela Merkel called it "extremely regrettable" while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called it "disheartening". I don't let anything go.

Nicholas Ssenyonjo, the CEO of the Uganda Environment Education Foundation says the USA has been supporting Uganda combat the effects of climate change; something he says is now in jeopardy following Trump's action.

But hang on, there is one poll that might give Mr Trump reason to think he's onto a victor: while Americans believe climate change is happening, many of them don't believe it will happen to them. "The rest of the world can not let the United States drag it down".