Horgan, Weaver deliver political agreement documents to government house

  • Horgan, Weaver deliver political agreement documents to government house

Horgan, Weaver deliver political agreement documents to government house

Greens in the Pacific Coast province, with just three seats in the knife-edge May 9 election, joined forces with the New Democrat Party (NDP) on May 29 to unseat the incumbent Liberals who had been in power for 16 years.

The Liberals won the most seats, but were unable to persuade the Green party to back them in a minority government.

Perhaps not. For starters, the NDP-Green Party pact could always fall apart. Judith Guichon demonstrates their readiness to govern and work together.

"There's an opportunity to try and prove that parties in B.C. are able to cooperate, and prove that proportional representation can work", he said, adding that electoral system typically creates more minority governments.

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark says she won't resign, even after an attempted takeover of power from NDP Leader John Horgan.

That same political will is going to be necessary to maintain consensus over the four years of the agreement, said Ruff, a professor emeritus at the University of Victoria.

Macnair praised the cooperation between the two parties and said Horgan and Weaver will put British Columbians first.

And while the Greens are a small party with limited resources that don't want another election anytime soon, what about the NDP?

Removing corporate, union and foreign political donations, bringing B.C.in line with other Canadian jurisdictions, is a clear priority that the Liberals would have a hard time fighting.

After the BC Greens and BC NDP announced their plans to work together to form a minority government the NDP's 41 seats with the Greens' three seats ousting the Liberals' 43 seats, there is now the strong possibility of BC Premier Christy Clark losing her leadership to NDP leader John Horgan.

She said if the NDP are successful, it will be easy to collaborate with the Greens because of the similarities between the two platforms.

Ultimately, the stability of any government depends on supply and confidence and this agreement ensures this stability, she said.

That's not what happened, with the Greens eventually siding with the NDP.

Horgan campaigned on a promise to use "every tool in the toolbox" to stop the twinning of the pipeline, which would increase crude oil tanker traffic in the Port of Vancouver to about one vessel a day.

But without the support of a majority in the legislature, a B.C. Liberal government would not likely survive its first confidence vote.

Asked if her resignation as inevitable, Clark said she would follow constitutional convention and wait for the lieutenant-governor's decision.

Horgan struck a conciliatory tone in his remarks to NDP MLAs, 15 of whom are new to the legislature.

"Regardless of a change in government in B.C. or anywhere, the facts and the evidence do not change", said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"I think we've got some soul-searching to do as well", Shypitka said, "and I think British Columbians have to see what the conditions and the details of the arrangement between the BC Greens and the NDP".