May, Corbyn clash over Brexit plans with United Kingdom vote 1 week away

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are shaping up for their final TV showdown of the General Election campaign as they take questions from voters in a live grilling expected to be watched by millions. Today, one week from polling day, the lead is nine points.

"I don't have the simple answer for it at this stage - I don't think anybody would expect me to, because this election was called unexpectedly; we had two weeks to prepare all of this - but I'm very well aware of that problem", said Corbyn.

After the televised debate this week, spread betting firm IG said its clients were betting on a Conservative majority of 106 seats.

But that has narrowed in recent polls to just a few points, although the Conservatives are still ahead.

He added: "A deal that will allow us to upgrade our economy through public investment in infrastructure and highly skilled jobs".

The Conservatives also struggled to maintain the upper hand on the issue of national security, as opponents criticised cuts to the police forces over the seven years in which the Conservatives had been in power.

And he indicated he would seek to bring some of his internal party critics - many of whom resigned from the shadow cabinet and voted no confidence in him previous year - back into the fold if he won power, saying: "I reach out to everyone in the party".

She said: "He [Corbyn] doesn't believe in Britain". They governed together until 2015. All the major parties have now released their manifestos and the TV debates began last week.

He said the Labour party was the only one which would get the right Brexit deal for "not just the minority, the wealthy, but everyone". By contrast, the Liberal Democrats have promised voters a second referendum on whether to accept a deal with Brussels.

Party leaders on Facebook (May 24-30).

The Conservatives' other coalition options are limited. More likely it would mean a majority of around 40 - a moderate increase on the majority of 12 they won in 2015.

The PM traded blows with the Labour leader, claiming he had "no plan" for Brexit. Since then, the opposition Labour party has gained ground and May was forced to compromise on a key manifesto pledge on elderly care, which threated many traditional Tories with higher bills.

He is committed to heeding the results of Britain's European Union membership referendum a year ago in which 52 percent voted Leave against 48 percent in favour of Remain.

The publication admitted that the Liberal Democrats were "going nowhere" in this election, but said it hoped the party would become part of a "radical centre", if the "whirlwind unleashed by Brexit" tears apart the main parties. It has also promised to consult parliament more closely throughout the negotiations.

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn visited Basildon this afternoon to deliver a speech on his Brexit plan. "I trust Corbyn to do that more", said McDonagh, whose social welfare payments have been capped by the ruling Conservatives.

The Conservatives have failed to give our regions, industries, businesses and workers the support they need, leaving Britain with deep-rooted economic problems which are holding Britain back, says Labour.