MIT issues statement regarding research on Paris Agreement

Separately on Thursday, European heavyweights France, Germany and Italy said in a joint statement that they regretted the United States' decision to withdraw from the accord, but affirmed "our strongest commitment" to implement its measures and encouraged "all our partners to speed up their action to combat climate change".

The EPA official answered by underling that "the discussions we had, through the last several weeks, have been focused on one singular issue: is Paris good or not for this country?"

The decision to join Syria and Nicaragua, the only two nations that have not signed the agreement, "is a remarkable rebuke to heads of state, climate activists, corporate executives and members of the president's own staff, who all failed to change his mind with an intense, last-minute lobbying blitz", says the New York Times. He responded to Trump's decision Thursday by stating he remained committed to goals of a 2015 agreement with mayors from China that agreed to carbon-emission reduction benchmarks.

Hua referred to the statement by UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) which said the Paris deal can not be renegotiated as desired by Trump when asked about China's stand on Trump's demand that the deal be revised.

"It gives the USA the ability to participate in future climate discussions to safeguard its economic and environmental best interests", ConocoPhillips spokesperson Daren Beaudo said in an email to Bloomberg.

In the statement, Plank said it is "our collective responsibility" to protect the earth.

Governors from four states - California, New York, Massachusetts and Washington - plan to uphold the Paris Agreement, the Golden State's governor said in a statement. "The same has been said by the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change".

"Trump's decision doesn't change that".

Turkey was among the states to sign the agreement in NY following the COP21 conference in the French capital in December that saw states pledge to decrease their greenhouse gas emission levels.

The relevant MIT researchers believe that the Paris Agreement is an unprecedented and vital effort by almost 200 countries to respond to the urgent threat of global climate change. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called it "extremely regrettable" while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called it "disheartening". That country must then wait another year.

Trump, who famously called climate change a "hoax" cooked up by the Chinese, campaigned on a pledge to support coal instead of renewable energy.

The deal itself, which sets out the goal of limiting emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, is binding under worldwide law.

That was a blunt rejection of Mr. Trump's assertion that he will eventually negotiate a better deal on climate.